How many All-Star games did Kobe Bryant play in?

How many All-Star games did Kobe Bryant play in?

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Kobe Bryant’s All-Star Game Appearances

Kobe Bryant, one of the all-time greatest NBA players, played in numerous all-star games during his time in the league. This article will explore just how many times Kobe was selected as an all-star and reflect on his performances.

Number of Games Played

Kobe was selected to 18 NBA All-Star games in his storied career, more than any other guard in NBA history. His all-star appearances spanned from 1998, the year he was drafted, until 2016, the year he retired.

Notable Performances

Kobe had some exceptional all-star games during his career; in 2002, he scored an all-time high of 31 points and was named the game’s MVP. In his final all-star game, Kobe put up an amazing 10 points in 10 minutes, prompting his peers to call for a Kobe standing ovation in the post-game ceremony.

Legacy Lives On

Kobe will always be remembered as one of the best all-star performers that ever played the game. His legacy and passion live on, and surely future all-star games won’t be the same without him.


Kobe Bryant is one of the NBA’s all-time greats, and his 18 All-Star Game appearances speak to his enduring legacy. During his time in the All-Star Games, he scored some memorable performances and was named an MVP of the game. His legacy lives on, and future All-Star Games will always be reminded of the player he was.

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